Eh, it’s not as bad as the title suggests. Handed it out a billion magazines yesterday morning to all the fans waiting in line to get into the show floor. Here’s a stack of the things:

And if you’re not at the con, you can always read the mag online. I’m totes in it.

Okay, so besides letting people know I’m in print for the first time in my professional nerd life, I pretty much sat in the Empire Stage the entire afternoon. I attended the Star Wars Rebels panel, starring Dave Filoni and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Have some Gellar:


I have this very unpopular opinion for a person growing up in the 90s and early 00s, and it’s this: I don’t give a shit about Buffy. Not because I think it’s bad. I just genuinely don’t care about that show or any like it. (Unless you find a way to convince me that Arrow and Flash are that same kind of show but with DC superheroes.) But Michelle was super nice up there and even stepped off stage to hug one fan who told her how much Buffy meant to her growing up. I teared clapped.

Also, Gellar’s character, the Seventh Sister is absolutely awesome, and I can’t wait to see her in action. Actually...I ALREADY DID. Watched a sneak preview during the panel and then spent an hour watching two never-before-seen episodes of Rebels season 2. But that’s all I can say about it, or Disney will send Inquisitors after me.


Sat in a Walking Dead panel that I thought would include the cast of the show (because I was ill prepared), but instead I got just Robert Kirkman and a guy from The Nerdist (who wasn’t Chris Hardwick...that was a running joke for most of the panel). At first I was disappointed, but I really got into it because of how funny, humble, and relaxed Kirkman is about the empire he’s created with a book about zombies.

He told a funny story about how he finally got Image to accept his pitch for The Walking Dead (they rejected the book originally!!!). Kirkman promised them aliens as the big reveal of the book. Of course, we all know there aren’t any aliens. But by the time the editors realized they’d been duped by the Kirkmeister, it was too late. The first issue had already hit shelves and they liked the book.


Next up was the Game of Thrones panel. Natalie Dormer was there. Have a little Dormer:


That’s pretty much the whole story. EXCEPT, one fan mentioned to Natalie that people were comparing her face to Denise, Kermit’s new piggy girlf from the new Muppet Show. It was pretty rude, but she handled the “question” with care, and came out of it super witty. And she’s a babe, so no one gives a shit about that one fan’s opinion anyway.

Last was the Rebels screening, but you already know about that. So let’s move on.


Unfortunately, I’m not at the con today because I’m running errands with Dad. I get a little rest, and a tiny bit of blogging time while I sit in this awful waiting area.

I have quite the line-up of appointments for the rest of the weekend, though:

Interviewing Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, and Jock about their respective DC books. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I really wish I could have talked to Greg Capullo (artist on Batman) this year, but there was a scheduling conflict. Oh well. There’s always next year. Until then, I can just look at this:


No shit, I’m so bummed about not being able to talk to Greg Capullo that I bought the first two Spawn trades, which HE DIDN’T EVEN DRAW just so I can get to the trades HE DID DRAW. Because I’m crazy about reading/playing/watching things in chronological order. I’m ridiculous. Kinda excited to read Spawn for the first time, though.

Look at this Capullo Spawn:


Can’t be ignored.

Anyway, also bought a bunch of comics for research and Doom Patrol Vol 1, The Filth, and The Invisibles Vol 1 by Grant Morrison, because I want to read more stuff from him and write about him more. So more research.


Okay, that’s all I have today. But plenty of little bits and pieces once I talk to all the good folks at DC this weekend!

More soon.