Shitty weather and my back is killing from all the New York Comic Con prep. Don’t let anyone tell you sitting at a desk all day isn’t hard. I’m literally putting my back into it.

Next week is exciting, though: possible chats with a couple cool DC writers/artists. Last year, I talked to these guys and these guys, and might get to talk to them again this year. This time, I’ll make sure to take pictures! There’s also more Walking Dead stuff, including the season 6 premiere and a new episode of my TWD podcast, No Room in Hell. On top of all that, plenty of Star Wars stuff. There’s a Rebels panel, a screening of a new episode, AND I’m going to sit down and record the second episode of my Star Wars podcast.

(You’re probably like, “DUDE, ridiculous self-promotion.” I agree. I’m done. For today.)

Other things:

I’m excited about upcoming comic books. I have plenty of things on my nightstand to read, because comic book reading has had to wait for the last few weeks. Ridiculously behind on almost every series except Batman, because THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. But I’m excited to read new Archie, Batgirl, Robin: Son of Batman, Nameless, Star Wars: Shattered Empire, and some of those All-New All-Different Marvel books coming out this month, especially the new Avengers book because Ms. Marvel is awesome.


Didn’t make much progress on The Cement Garden this week. Or any at all. It is to be expected. My reading suffered terribly. And let’s not talk about writing. For all that is good and holy...


Okay, two writing things because the self-promoting isn’t quite done:

I have two features up at Den of Geek today. One is a lot of insight on TWD season 6 based on the stuff that’s happened in the comics, and the other is a list of my favorite PURE HORROR Stephen King novels. What does that even mean? It means that the King is frustratingly good at jumping from one genre to another, and I specifically wanted to help the people who are looking for good King Halloween reads. So the scary stuff. Not dark fantasy or supernatural thriller. Horror. Number 10 on the list is a current personal favorite.


Oh, my own work? Well, this blog has been as personal as I’ve gotten this week. No new fiction to report, but plenty of ideas I’m hoping to get off the ground soon finally. I want to write some of my own takes on classic horror stories. My girlfriend and I started talking about what MY Frankenstein, werewolf, ghost, and vampire stories would look like. I came up with some good stuff for each I think, and the stories are all in progress. A chapbook, maybe? We’ll see. But I have titles. (I know, ridiculous thing to say when the stories aren’t finished. I went to a NYCC panel featuring R.L. Stine last year, and he said the first thing he thinks about when starting a new book is the title. “If I can’t think of a title, I drop it.” That’s a little ridiculous...I’m self aware.)


The tentative titles for the stories are: Gramma, Mount Terminus (this one will probably change), The Third Arm, and SLAY THE MONSTER!. Can you guess which title goes with what genre?

Anyway...I played a cool video game this week, and even had time to watch one of those Horrorfest movies from a while back (my first!). But I’ll talk about this stuff later, because it’s time to listen to the rain assault the city and read some comics. Maybe catch a King movie on AMC.


More soon.