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I’ve struggled for a long time to get this blog started, mostly due to time (of which I have almost none) and general terror that I have nothing to really say. But I’d like to do some personal writing that isn’t journalism, ramblings about nerdy stuff (you’ll still probably see a lot of that here), or fiction (which I write far less than I should, and this is just more procrastinating...). No editors, deadlines, or anxiety here. Just me. And maybe you.

So here we are. Let’s start with some easy questions:

I’ve farted around with blogs before. I had a blogger account back in college called...I don’t remember what it was called. But it had a name. Then I moved to tumblr and had a modern romance blog/personal essay space on that. And it was cool, but then life and work happened.


Yes, I’m employed. Ehem. I’m the Games Editor at Den of Geek US, and it involves a lot less playing than you’d think (although there is a fair amount of play involved). I also get to go to neat place like E3, PAX, and NYCC. Sometimes, I even get to talk to really cool people, like Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Bruce Timm, and John Scalzi. I have the time of my life.

But, and this is in no way me blaming my job for my lack of productivity (I’m blogging for godsakes!), my fiction does tend to suffer because of all the fun stuff I do during the day. What do I write? Never ask me that. Just don’t. It makes me nervous. Instead, I’ll tell you who my favorite writers are and you can draw conclusions...


Stephen King is the reason I decided to take writing seriously as a career. I first picked up King’s The Eyes of the Dragon in middle school, a fairy tale he wrote for his daughter when she told him she didn’t like the scary stuff (I may be making that anecdote up...). By the time high school came along, I was devouring King books left and right like one of his toothy monstrosities (or lobstrosities, if you wanna go there). I still quite enjoy him today. The latest King book I’ve read is Joyland, his second entry in the Hard Case Crime series, which is one of my favorite literary endeavors ever...But maybe I’ll get into more of that in another blog post.

Wow, I thought I was just going to list favorite writers and be done with it, but I just devoted a whole paragraph to the King. I’ll be brief with the rest: Gabriel Garcia Marquez (I’m Colombian, too, but that has nothing to do with it), Denis Johnson, Raymond Carver, Grant Morrison, Marie Howe, Scott Snyder, Warren Ellis, Aimee Bender, Ray Bradbury, and plenty more I’m definitely forgetting to list. But again, this is a personal blog, so I can talk about all that stuff later.


Let’s finish off with what I’m currently reading: The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan, a book I’ve been meaning to read since college. I’m glad I finally found it in a bargain bin at The Strand in NYC. It’s my kind of creepy for sure. Only about a third in, but it’s a pretty short novel, so I’ll breeze through it and tell you all about it later.

Here’s a picture of my copy:

Illustration for article titled First!

It’s already past midnight and I’m tired and old (24) and have to be up for work tomorrow. More soon.

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